What is the last date I can submit a claim with you?
We stopped accepting new claims as of 5pm on Friday the 23rd of August. This allows us time to process paperwork and ensure claims are submitted to providers before the deadline.
Is there any leeway in the timing?
No, the deadline is absolute. If you don't start your claim in time then you won't be able to claim money back for PPI.
Will the deadline cause any delay in my case?
No, the deadline is only for the submission of new claims. Any existing cases will be processed as usual.
What happens if my paperwork is delayed in getting back to you and arrives after the deadline?
We will not be able to proceed with your claim because it will not be processed by the lender in time.
What happens after the deadline?
No new PPI claims will be handled or investigated by lenders.
What happens if I have an ongoing claim with you?
Existing claims will continue as normal. The deadline is for submission of new claims only.
What happens if my case is rejected by the lender?
If your claim is rejected then our specialist team will evaluate the terms of the rejection and, if appropriate, work with you to make an appeal to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).
I have had a case with FOS through you for ages – what will happen to it now?
All FOS investigations of current claims will be unaffected by the deadline. It is for new claims only.
What if the bank wants more information?
It is vitally important that you provide us with information that is 100% correct when setting up your case with us, as any incorrect details may result in the lender being unable to log your complaint before the deadline. If the lender asks for more information after the claim has been logged with the, they should be able to continue once it is provided.
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